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Full Biography

Rell Erwin was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and is the second youngest son of five children. Raised in the Northend of Hartford by his grandmother, he writes books to entertain the whole family.

After graduation from Farmington High School, he spent time serving in the United States Marine Corps where he honed his boot shining skills, getting dressed in less than 30 seconds, and developed a quarter sized hole in his foot from wearing combat boots through morning, noon, and night.

Somewhere between high school and the military, he picked up a pen and started writing story ideas that kept invading his brain. It wasn’t until his first son was born that writing started to look like it could become more than just a hobby. However, as with life, other things pushed writing to the back burner and over the next decade or so, RE dabbled in the music business, running his own independent record label and recording studio, while simultaneously promoting parties and clubs. When music no longer felt fun, Rell turned back to writing and has not looked back since. “I never wanted to be this writer that was just another name in some big publishing company, so I decided to go back to school, where I graduated cum laude from Post University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, and then started learning as much as I could about the publishing business while writing and honing my craft.”

Rell Erwin writes books to entertain the whole family. His debut novel Slicker Than Most, is the first book in the Slick Black Tongue Trilogy, which is geared towards the woman of the house. Rell’s second published book, The Howling Happenings, is a chapter book and is geared towards the princess of the house (if she happens to be between the ages of 7-9 years old).

So who is Rell Erwin? He is made up of several people who had the most influence on his life. He tells everyone that his sarcasm comes from his grandmother, his go-getter hustling spirit from his mother, the fighter in him from his sister, the level-headiness from his wife, and the robust energy from his adventurous children.

He loves the NY Giants, UCONN Basketball especially (the Lady Huskies), and will try anyone’s mac & cheese dish (at least once).

In addition to being a full time family man and writer, Rell Erwin is very active in his community. He has served as the President of the Board of Directors for, Club Destiny, Inc. a Hartford based non-profit. Their activity is based on the belief that we all have the ability and responsibility to ourselves, our communities, and our Creator to make a positive contribution and effectively utilize the blessings and gifts that are provided to all people. He has also served as President of the Board of Directors for A New Day, Inc., another non-profit organization based in Hartford that is committed to educating minority women about breast cancer. This is a cause dear to Rell’s heart; as he lost his sister to breast cancer at the age of 36.

Rell Erwin is a combination of his abbreviated middle name and his first name. Rell lives east of the river in Hartford, CT, together with his wife, his sons, his new daughter, and his imagination which has full use of the basement.


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